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Removal of the Church Organ

Sadly, the majestic Foster and Andrews Organ in our Church was irrepairably damaged by water some years ago. The cost of attemptimg a repair was prohibitive and with heavy hearts, the PCC took the decision to submit an application to remove the organ and permission for this was subsequently granted by the Diocese.

The project took a number of weeks and the following photographs provide an illustration of the work involved

The main organ prior to removal

The side pipes

The organ was manufactured in 1873 by Forster and Andrews of Hull and refurbished in 1914 by Blackett and Howden of Newcastle

The signatures of the original makers and refurbishers

The large wooden box pipes behind the Organ, showing the upper bellows unit (top right)

Another view of the large box pipes (from the opposite angle)

The upper bellows units (x2)

The keyboard with the front panel removed

A rear view of the internal mechanisms after removal of some of the large box pipes - (some of the smaller box pipes are still in place)

Another view of the internal mechanisms, showing the lower bellows (centre)

Some of the large box pipes removed (this picture gives you a scale of the huge size of the pipes - they are quite big and very heavy!)

Another view of  the huge box pipes after removal

Removing the upper bellows

Removing the organ's main electrical motor

The main motor after removal

Two of the largest box pipes - huge!

The last box large box pipes ready for removal

Hmm! - need to work out how to get those high box pipes down!

All the lower box pipes have now been removed. The internal pipe chamber is at the top of the picture

The lower main bellows units

Dismantling the internal pipe chamber box

The main pipe chamber unit with all the pipes removed

The last few organ pipes ready to be removed


More Teamwork!

Dusty work!
Time for a quick cuppa and then a bath!!